About Us

Stratus Wear was founded by a few friends in search of the most comfortable, durable and affordable pair of underwear one could sport. Drawn to a variety of action sports which demand performance and comfort by the clothing and gear associated with their activities, we quickly discovered that the most important item we were missing was a pair of "chonies" that would not ride up, were able to breathe freely and could perform again and again like the first day they were placed into action. The underwear also needed to be stylish and most of all, affordable. So, in March of 2014, Stratus Wear was conceived and we launched our own line of undergarments for both men and women who, just like ourselves, expect the highest level of comfort, performance and durability from their underwear. 

Try a pair of Stratus Wear underwear for yourself and discover a comfortable, durable, wedgie free experience that will not leave your wallet running on empty. Enjoy all of these performance qualities while looking fashionable for those friends and loved ones who are lucky enough to see you hangin' out in your underwear!

Get caught with your pants down and release your hidden personality!



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